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As an apartment building owner or manager, you know that your buildings have to be clean and inviting if you want to entice and get new tenants.  People are very picky about where they live, and dirty premises are a complete turn off for most people.  
Some apartment owners only like to clean when tenants move in or out, and that is okay too.  But if you need a cleaning service on a regular basis, then give us call.  We can clean according to your time constraints.
When it comes to apartments, it is the details that potential renters notice. In addition to deep cleaning move in/move out service, we will clean common areas, such as clubhouses, offices, entrances, hallways, and laundry rooms.  We dust for cobwebs, wash fingerprints and dirt off walls and doors, clean windows, clean elevators, wash baseboards, vacuum and edge carpeted areas.

Janitorial Service for Apartment complexes 

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