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Stripping and Sealing

Our company provides an assortment of cleaning solutions for the businesses that are in the Baltimore-Washington DC areas. This includes waxing and stripping floors. Vinyl composite tile (VCT) flooring requires sealer and finish to protect the floor, enhance the appearance, and help maintain a clean facility. Regular maintenance will make your facility look its best.   
​Over time the floor finish will wear down, become scratched, scuffed, and harder to clean. We can provide machine scrubbing to clean the floor, remove mild imperfections, and then apply additional floor finish to restore the shine and protection. 
There comes a time when a complete strip, seal, and refinish is required to restore your VCT flooring to its original appearance.  Though this process will not correct deep scratches or damaged tiles the remainder of your floors will look like new.  Facility requirements will vary however we typically recommend this process at least one time per year.

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