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At Vesta, we understand exactly what is required of a professional medical office cleaning company - and it's not always about the actual clean! In addition to a consistent and reliable level of deep cleaning, our professional cleaning services for medical offices includes:
- high levels of trustworthiness and discretion around personal medical files
- appreciation of extra security measures required for clinics holding medical supplies and medicine
- due diligence and care when cleaning around expensive items of equipment
- adopting/learning specific cleaning methods for specialized equipment
- special attention to every corner and every surface, not just floors and desks
- maintaining the clean, fresh appearance of your premises for all clients/patients

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Professional Medical Office Cleaning in Baltimore & DC 

Cleaning services for medical professionals' offices, healthcare facilities and clinics involves much more than many commercial cleaning companies offer. Vesta delivers professional medical office cleaning, with years of practical experience in the cleaning of reception areas, offices, examination rooms, treatment rooms and clinics for medical professionals. 
The Vesta team provides everything from infection control, telephone sterilization, computer and keyboard cleaning, to carpet/upholstery cleaning and floor maintenance, fulfilling your cleaning needs. 
We also provide our clients with the highest degree of flexibility in terms of services chosen and scheduling.​​​​

Healthcare Facilities and Medical Offices Cleaning

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We’re available 24/7/365 and offer incredibly flexible and customizable cleaning packages to fit your healthcare facility cleaning needs.

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